What Makes RCA Unique?

 River City Academy is an academic environment formed from the actions and suggestions of its students. Our assignments are evaluated through the use of a standard based system, allowing students to work at their own pace. Here at RCA we strive to complete this proficient work in a responsible and efficient manner through the use of various subject matter including math, various introductions to science, language arts, social environments, and those which help in obtaining a career. These, coupled with student chosen interims, help create a well-rounded knowledge base for students to draw from. While the assignments have no due dates, it is considered unacceptable by our school’s community to simply do nothing to further your own education.


 Both the students and teachers of River City do their best to provide help to others any way they can, as well as provide the best possible learning environment. Through their vast knowledge in various areas of expertise, the teachers of RCA guide the students through their material. These are only a few examples of what make River City Academy a unique and wonderful school.

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