Dear Perspective Student,

Welcome to our school blog! Before you make any decisions about River City Academy, let me tell you, as a student, a bit about us and our everyday life. River City Academy is first and foremost a Performance Based school that contains 7th-12th grades focusing on what the students need for their education and for their lives ahead. Every day you will be learning, and expanding your knowledge; preparing yourself for the life you’ll live after you graduate. River City Academy’s staff is flexible and caring about meeting the needs of our lives.

In a “traditional” school a week before you get an assignment you don’t know what you’re going to work on, until the teacher is ready to give it to you. At River City Academy you basically have control over your own studies; all of the information you need, and all you need to do is laid out before you. Nothing to be learned is “hidden.”

Most all of the fun activities we have are mostly student organized. Things like school sponsored community events, and Barbeques, and other fun events.

We are a small school environment that provides for individualization; supporting the diversity and success of each and every student. We expect our school to grow and expand, collecting new minds to mold.

At River City Academy, we focus on responsibility, individuality, cooperation with others. We learn new skills every day. We have a nice staff that supports every student’s needs. We live. We learn. We laugh. We create a foundation of knowledge for the rest of our lives.

Micah Sterling
RCA Student

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