Meet our Staff

Dawn Edwards-Smith
Mary Blossom
Tad Degray
Teacher- Reading, Writing, Advisory, US History
Carol Hutto
Teacher- Science, Mathematics, Advisory
Deanne Pearson
Teacher- Mathematics, Advisory
Tim Wight
Teacher- Special Services, Advisory
Anna Karron
Teacher- Social Environments, Advisory
Karen Ruebsamen
Counselor- Careers

One Response to Meet our Staff

  1. Greetings, I am a former KCHS graduate (1975). I am working as a co-founder, and advisor in a small charter school in Minnesota. Our school is grades 6-12, project-based. Your school sounds like a wonderful learning environment. It also sounds similar to ours. I am planning a trip to Kenai next June to visit family and friends. I always enjoy meeting with other programs and exchanging ideas and information. I would love to have the opportunity to visit your school and talk with staff.

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