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Dear RCA Families,

Yesterday I received the heartbreaking news that Carol Hutto, our beloved science teacher, passed away.  I am sure that you share in our heart-felt sympathies with Carol’s family, especially her son William who spent weeks in our classrooms as both a volunteer and sub teacher.  William earned himself (and his daughter, Ayjah) a big place in our school community.  And our hearts break with theirs over Carol’s passing.

Carol has been the science teacher at RCA since 2010, when I first became principal.  Over the years, she has been a consistent advocate for both students and a strong science curriculum.  The work that she has completed behind the scenes in designing and refining our science classes has been extensive.  Just this summer Carol worked on refinements for our offerings for the upcoming school year.  Additionally, she also was a non-stop advocate for all students reaching high levels of success in science and math.  She would not accept any less than a student’s best work and pushed students to reach those levels.

For the staff, Carol always saw a path forward for any challenges we encountered.  I counted on her for a creative solution to resolve a situation.  It’s with that optimism that we will move forward as a school and a community, better for having the pleasure and opportunity to have Carol for the years that we did.

Please share this upsetting news with your students and help support them through their own grief.  Currently, I do not have any information on a service or memorial for Carol.  As more information becomes available, I will share it.  If you need additional help or support, please feel free to contact me and I will connect you with the appropriate support services.

~ Dawn


Dawn Edwards-Smith


River City Academy

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